Built-in Bathroom Sinks


I am attempting to design a bathroom, but I am having trouble rendering the built-in sinks. I found a design I fell in love with on pinterest and would love to have something similar to them. I am including the link to the post on pinterest so you can see the picture. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/382172718375383563/


Is this the right sink?

Your profile does not say what version of Sketchup you are using and the answer might be different for different versions. Here is a simple version of the sink that can be built with native tools, that is without extensions although there are extensions that could help here. There are many refinements and options within this method but I hope this gives you an overview.


If you want to use a plugin, SoapSkin Bubble would be a good one for this to get it more curvy.
You can use similar principles to add the basin part.


Sweet, SoapSkin is perfect for this. That gif helped me see another method of making a similar shape, not as elegantly curved in the vertical as SoapSkin but still using native tools so achievable on free.


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Good idea !!! thanks for that. I sometimes find these odd models in the corner of “official” work as i start playing with some of these issues in the same document and forget to erase.


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The Subdivide tool in Artisan Organic Toolset:




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If you have drawings of the sink Silence by Domenico De Palo,

you can draw three main edges and then use the plugin Curviloft > Skin Contours. The same steps for the inner part.


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Yes, use sand box (contour lines with offset) to create the bowl then give it a thickness of about 10 mm. The plug looks unusual! How does that work?


On closer inspection, it’s incredibly easy to make. Create the wave shape with a 50 mm lip. Give it about 900 mm depth. Tilt the 3D shape about 30 degrees into the wall. Use vertical and horizontal planes to trim to shape and finish off with the basin bottom and plug. No plug ins required