SimlabSTEP inporter problem

Hi can someone help me?
I bought and downloaded simlab step importer 10.0
The problem is that it is visible in extension manager but it is nowhere in sketchup.
Thanks for any suggestion to solve this

Most importers add an import filetype to the File > Import… dialog.

Unfortunately not in this case. Thanks

Okay, the "How to get it and use it ? section of …
Shows that it has it’s own submenu in the “Extensions” menu.

You have to scroll halfway down the page to see the instructions.
(The image is also on the EW listing page.)

I’ll reboot and try the trial.

Okay I rebooted, ran the installer as administrator, it wanted to install into the %ProgramData% path (for all users) which requires administrative privileges. I said okay and then started SU2020, and the Extension submenu is there. I opened the Settings dialog and it seems to work as expected.

I have not yet tried an import.

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Thanks @DanRathbun. Changing the installation path helped. Did not realize where it is being installed.

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