Extension Disappeared?


When moving from a trial to a purchase for a plug-in (SimLab STEP importer) it has now disappeared from the sketchup ‘extension’ top bar menu. I think it is because I tried to download it again, though I needn’t. No matter what I do, I cant seem to get it back in the extension menu (tried to download and restart sketchup etc). Though Extension Manager seems to think it is still there… lost and confused. Any ideas how I can get to/use this plug-in??


Have you quit and restarted SketchUp?

Hi Dave,

Yes, and the mac rebooted. From the sketchup Ext Warehouse page I get a message saying it ‘it cannot be downloaded for some unknown reason’… I have purchased it too, which makes it very annoying…

Grateful for any further ideas…


Ouch. Extra bad given how payed/licensed extensions cannot be downloaded from the web browser and installed from an RBZ.