Signing up is difficult

I downloaded the free version for the computer but it required me to sign in, there was no sign up option. So I came to the site to sign up. There was login in or sign up in the upper right corner, I clicked on sign up and it took me to sign in. It wasn’t until I got to the help forum page that the sign up button actually allowed me to sign up.

Edit: Checked my email approved and everything. But it does not recognize my info and says I have the wrong password. I give up. This clearly isn’t worth it.

Yes, free products does require some effort…

I agree the sign-up interface is always ‘a bit of a mess’ IMHO. Bought SU2015 and continued on with annual upgrades (so far paid till June 7, 2019). Always a highly frustrating experience to get the installation to ‘happen’ - usually differs (but seemingly sucks/ for me) every year. This year it seemed a little easier, but*.
In the process, for example, paid-up Subscribers are still incessantly asked if they would like to ‘Buy’ or ‘free-trial’ the new edition … I Should Not Be seeing these buttons on my screens.

*My current problem:
This year, a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded (through links in my received email notice), SU’19.

Somewhere in that process, somehow along the way, I also seemingly managed to accidentally click a ‘free temp. trial’ button and now seem to have BOTH (?) installed. Big Ooops.
This Screenshot shows the two radio buttons clicked on the same ‘License panel’:

Question - am I good to go until June 7, or will my SU’19 expire on march 16?(or ‘both’) What to do next? I don’t want to reinstall extensions/ shortcuts etc. again - can I delete Only the Trial version somehow? 54%20AM

So, you added your classic license, you will be good as long as you live. The classic license is perpetual and since you activated it, version 2019 is your active license. If you continue to pay for maintenance and support, you are entitled to upgrades to newer versions, as well.
If you do not prolonge the Maintenance and support, you still are entitled for minor maintenance releases within the major 2019.

The trial period is for the Studio and Pro subscription, new ways to access SketchUp, which include the use of the Web-based modeller and different XR/AR viewer apps (hololens, Oculus Rift,Vive) and (Studio only) energy- daylight visualisation Sefaira.

You can use the trial to explore them, or ignore.

In any of the Trimble log in screens you can Sign in with Google instead. If all you wanted was to download SketchUp Make 2017, you could have signed in that way. You still can, even if you have a Trimble ID password issue.

Why would anyone with an active maintenance plan and a classic license would want Make 2017?

The free version of client in the future. Kinda the same reason people stayed on the last version of commercially useable free version at Google of SketchUp 8.

You’re referring to Linus, I was talking about OP Jenacide, who stated something about downloading the free version.

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Ah, I see it, now! :+1:t4: