Signing in to Trimble

Is there something that triggers SU to ask you to sign in? I am finding that is happening more and more frequently. Today I had to sign in a couple of hours ago. Now I want to use SU again, I am being asked to do it again. Does the system only hold onto a sign ion whilst you are actively using a product? It is quite annoying.

The same thing is happening to me. Very strange.

Uncle David

Hasn’t happened to me today - yet.

I wonder whether there is an off the peg algorithm that companies use that randomly targets users? I have the same issue with my online subscription to The Times. Sometimes it leaves me alone for days, other times it suspects me of being a news thief every ten minutes. I am sure such systems look great to management in their effort to prevent unauthorised use of their products, but man it annoys the hell out of their loyal customers!