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Following for same exact issue.

This is also happening at our school - he have one literal student who can not get in. We tried everything and can confirm it is not the Google account. We also tried multiple devices and browsers and the result is always the same - the infinite loop. I tried to put a ticket in, but I was directed to the forum instead.

@dcyfalted @Lark @Chelsea Have you had a chance to verify the account settings for the individuals that have been affected? We worked with a user last week who discovered that one student had deactivated “Sign-in with Google” for their account, and so the app was being refused. This will likely affect any instance in which they would generally use Google sign-in, and would hopefully be a quick fix.

You can verify this by navigating to Chrome’s browser settings while logged in with the student account, and then following this path:

  1. Open “Manage Your Google Account”

  2. Select Security and then Signing in with Google

  3. Verify that Google Account sign-in prompts have been enabled

Please let us know if any of you see success with this suggestion.

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This worked for me - thank you!!


Eureka ! This solved the problem for me, too ! Thank you !

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Here is how we worked around this issue:
When they get to the error screen…
Click on sign in with google
confirm email
on next screen cancel sign-in then click continue
If a popup appears scroll down and click “allow”
Sketchup should open each time.

Yes its an odyssey, but it works.

Thank you for the post. This solved our issue. I’ll make sure to note this down for future use.

Thank you!

Fixed for us finally!!!
The issue for us was that students had classroom data access disabled in google admin.

This box MUST be checked or it will simply not work.

Looking forward to getting sketchup going for our school.

Thanks all

I’ve signed up to this forum purely to thank you for sharing the solution!

I’ve lost count how many pages I’ve had to scroll through to find the answer and it all comes down to one little checkbox!