Showing Section lines

I have a number of Sections in SketchUp 2019. I have named them and want them to show up as labels in Layout. Can anyone please tell me how do I do that?

Hi Rightangler, unfortunately we do not currently have an automated way for Named Sections to show up in LayOut. We understand how this would be helpful and we have this captured as a feature request.

You may do this but one thing I have found to be helpful when I have a number of sections is to establish my scenes based on my sections and to name my scene the same as my section names. Then in LayOut when I set my view based on the scene I at least see what my section name is and can label it appropriately.


Hi Trent Thank you for your reply. Yes that would be useful. Perhaps I wasn’t clear. What I really wanted to know is how I determine the Section position of the section cut in Layout to put the section cut line annotations in Layout. I have just added the section Group from slice tn the scene to get a reference point and then put in the section lines and then remove it by updating the scene. It worked but seems a long way to go about it.Is there an easier way?