Show Terrain incorrect

Hey guys pretty new to sketchup, i’ve seen a few videos about the geo locate tool and also how show terrain can help create decent terrain maps, however my chosen site for my current university project is horribly wrong when I attempt to create this data, am i doing something wrong or is the source info just incorrect in Sketchup.

The locations coordinates are 37°48’57.1"S 144°58’28.8"E . i really need help with this as i need to make a site map for this site and eventually model the site and i am really struggling to find any info about this site so i need help

It’s the data source. I checked it with a higher resolution source and it shows the same undulation. Have you tried checking the local governement/municipality websites to see if they have their own data sets, ie DEM, GEOTIFF, etc that you could import into SU?

I didn’t even know you could import data sets into sketchup, their are a few documents online however not many in close scale to the site, however if possible how is this done?