Show or Display Measurements

I’m learning SketchupPro, current version on a PC. When I draw a line with a pencil, it shows the measurements as I draw and then allows me to change it by immediately entering a dimension after finishing. But later, when I select that line, the measurement box is empty. How can I see its measurement?


Look in the Entity Info window

Thanks! It’s part of the default tray, which only showed up after I right clicked and opened it up. How do I get the default tray to be shown…uh, by default??

As Steve indicates Entity Info is useful. It will show the length of the selected edge or edges.

If you have a single edge that isn’t connected at least at one end, you could also edit its length by typing a new dimension in the field.

If the edge is connected at both ends, you’ll have to do something else to change the length. You’ll know because the field is gray instead of white.

Then probably the best option is to use the Move tool.

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Top right on the tray there’s a pin that you can click on.


Something to keep in mind, you can create multiple trays, I have entity info on it’s own tray that I resize and keep on the bottom left of the window. This is the least used and most visible part of the screen for me so I can always flick my eyes down left to see what I have.

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