Should I start with Pro or Make

We are builders but I am just starting. Should I start with Make and invest in classes or go straight to Pro? We usually work with architects but sometimes I like to help the clients get started before hiring an architect.

You should start with Pro–the 30-Day Pro trial is automatically where you’d begin when you first download and install SketchUp. Then you must use SketchUp Pro because Make is for non-commercial use only. You would be violating the EULA if you use Make.

Pro adds additional functions but for the ones they share, they operate exactly the same. You’ll also want to take a look at LayOut.

Thank you DaveR. So if I buy Pro, do I get 30 days to decide if like it or not before finally purchasing it?

Also, what should I budget for courses and which courses do you recommend?

No. Doenload SketchUp and install it. Your 30-day trial will begin. Then when you decide your ready to purchase it, you can go back to the SketchUp site and purchase the license.

That’s a good question. There is a lot of free stuff online. I would start with the videos from SketchUp. Click on the red Get Started button here. After that, you kind of need to figure out how you want to learn. There are some resources for online videos, you can get books on SketchUp, you might find someone locally who teaches SketchUp–maybe in a college setting, or you might want to do one-on-one online training. The price will vary widely.You can look in your area and see what’s available.

I do one-on-one online training which seems to work well for many people. It helps if the “student” is motivated and self-directed for that. I generally do targeted instruction to cover what the student wants to know. That is usually more efficient all the way around.

Thank you Dave. I might be interested in the one on one training. How much do you charge and how would I reach you again on this forum?

Best thing to do is drop me a private message. Click on the prairie dog or my name and then send a message. You might need a few more posts before you can send a private message, though.

Thank you Dave. I will start with the tutorials and after I’ve practiced a bit, I will get back in touch with you. Do not hesitate to get back to me if you do not hear from me in a couple of weeks.

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