Shortcuts Issue

I want to assign a shortcut to the function: Tools/Tag. When I enter Ctrl+T into the “Add Shortcut” field the + button does not respond. I assume it is because this shortcut is already in use, but I get no warning sign. Yes, this shortcut is used for the different function (Select None). So, when I go to “Select One” function the program doesn’t allow me to remove this shortcut, and the “-” button doesn’t respond. “Reset All” button does clear the assigned shortcuts from the list but not permanently. When you come back to it, it is still there.

Can someone please help? Thanks a lot.

Ctrl T is the built-in shortcut to clear a selection.
So you can’t permanently reset it.
There are a few combos like that…

Note that you do not type the + sign
The shortcut display is Ctrl+T but you enter Ctrl T. or whatever key combo you want, because that combo is unavailable…
I suggest you try something else - e.g. Shift T ???

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Dear TIG,

I want to express my appreciation for taking the time to explain this to me. However, I must admit that I have always believed that humans should be in control of machines, rather than the other way around. Consequently, I find it somewhat disheartening that the program is dictating to me which shortcuts I should or shouldn’t use. I firmly believe that there must be a solution or alternative approach to address this matter. I kindly request your assistance in finding a way to resolve this issue or, if possible, bringing it to the attention of those responsible for the coding.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

With gratitude,

If you want to bring this to the attention of Trimble employees, the best thing you can do is make a new post in the “feature request” section of the forum…

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