Shortcut to toggle UI

In concepts, tapping with 4 fingers on screen makes UI vanish. Tapping again makes it pop up again.

I’d love to be able to do this in sketchup


Yeah, that could work…
I can already see the emails we’ll get from folks who panic after they accidentally make the UI disappear… depending on whether there’s something visible that remains for getting the UI to come back, aside from tapping again.


Not from carpenters, I guess…


Yup but, if you aren’t able to activate it, you don’t need to deactivate it.

And in concepts a small icon is left in the corner so it’s just a matter of tapping it if one accidentally makes it disappear.

You can also have an automated email response.

I was wondering about something like that.

Maybe pushing the HUD and slide it off screen could make it disappear? Grabbing at the edge of the screen and sliding it back in could be used to get it back.

I really like the idea to hide the UI for a presentation model.

Even for a simple printscreen that you can share easily, full screen is cool.