Shortcut for Drawing Outline/Perimeter of Complex Model - Control Geometry for Projecting Photo Texture



I’m trying to project a texture to a building facade & the decorative features on top of it.

This is the building:

This is the texture:

I’m at the stage where I am trying to create the “control geometry” (Defined here:

Basically I need to create an equivalent of the rectangle in this image, which exactly mirrors the perimeter/outline of the shape w the curved surface

Unfortunately, the area around the cornice is particularly complex and includes several curves angled diagonally (as opposed to parallel) from the plane where the control geometry would be created.


Is there a directly way to do this? I’m worried that I won’t be able to capture the curve properly.

Alternatively, is there a way to select all of the faces on a model that face a given direction, or the outer most faces oriented similarly?

Here’s a link to the model in case it’s useful:

Full disclosure, I’ve been working on this with stellar support from others in the SketchUp community in this thread already, but I think I got myself lost on one of the steps and figured the question in and of itself would be a useful thread in and of itself


You could use the Tape measure tool to extend lines forward from the important parts of the building to pass through a large rectangle. Then use the Line tool to connect the dots.

You could also draw a large rectangle passing through the building and use Intersect Faces however that might create more geometry than you want or need.


I think that would fail to capture the many points that exist within the curve, right? Maybe I should just make err on the side of making it too big, that way it’s sure to capture everything?


That depends on you. Note what I wrote:

You have to decide what’s important.


Theoretically, all the parts are important, right? Like, I can prolly get something to work in my particular model, but what if I couldn’t? I guess this is the best approach for the time being. I was just hoping that maybe there was some feature that could take the dimensions of the outer shell (or certain parts of the outer shell or something) and flatten it or maybe make something.

I think this worked out pretty well though:


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