Shop Crashes when saving

I have been using CAD since the mid-90s but am fairly new to Sketchup and using SketchUp Shop online.

I am having trouble saving one of my files to the Trimble Connect folder. I have been able to save various other files OK but there is this one file that crashes EVERY time I try - I always get the Chrome “Oh, Snap” screen. I’ve tried various things from reboots to reducing the detail in the file but it still crashes. Any help diagnosing this issue, and how to solve it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Miles

Can you share a screen capture to start?

Could be an error in the model.

It’s an indoor pool slide!

Looks nice.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to check for model errors with SU online.

Can you try a direct download and then upload to this thread, so we can check the model?