When will Trimble fix that "Crash on Save" Bug?


Hi there!

I know, there are many topic concerning this problem, but i ask myself this question since YEARS.

When i read all the stuff written about that problem, i looks to me, that Trimble does not really know what or why this is happening, right?

I use SketchUp since Version 6 and use it a lot for my work - i have planned and visualized around 150 stores (in combination with several rendering plugins, Thea Render at the moment) with SketchUp and i know the problem since a very long time - and it got worse over the years. In my opinion it has nothing to do with the Windows Version I am running it on, or where i save the files. It crashes in all variations and totally randomly sometimes when saving.

So my question to Trimble is: Why are you not able to fix that? Other software that i use since decades (Photoshop) never crashes on saving, ain´t that funny? Or other software that uses OpenGL … :slight_smile:

I hope i get an anwser …

PS: Yes, i got my Windows always up-to-date, as well as the Nvidia Drivers.


There is no such bug, at least for me.My SketchUp has never, as far as I remember, crashed on save. Have you checked with the authors of the plugins you use that the bug is not in one of those?


If it is a bug in a plugin, this would be very strange, as i said - i use SU since Version 6, and i dont use many plugins … only Fredo and ThomThoms - also up to date.

Another funny thing is, that it seems to depend on the DWG i load into SU. Some DWGs work better than others, some plans i work on never crash, some crash a lot more often when saving.

I just dont get it. Many ppl seem to have problems with “crash on save”. Is there any kind of troubleshooting post by the Trimble people concerning this? I haven´t found any yet. Maybe this would be a good idea!


What about the rendering plugins you mention in your first post.?

What kind of extents do your DWG files have? Generally SketchUp will have problems with files that use map coordinates, especially if the origin is far away (maps can have their origin hundreds of kilometers/miles away) and if you import thrm with the “preserve drawing origin” option enabled.



Are there bugsplats and if so, do you fill in the information and submit them?


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