Shelves for my granddaughter

Some oak shelves I’ve just made for my granddaughter Emily’s house. Not big enough for bookshelves, but good for displaying some of her wineglasses and knickknacks.

The shelves as drawn in SU:
Before texturing

And after:

… and the SU model itself
Shelves for Emily.skp (9.4 MB)

And a couple of photos of the finished result.

All made of left over oak and ply, from a cupboard I made for the (bell) ringing chamber in St Albans Abbey, which itself was made from recycled oak thrown out during a multi-year refurbishment which just finished last year. The original cupboards I’ve recycled weren’t ancient oak, but were from cupboards believed to have been made in the 1960s or early 70s.

It was quite an intricate task to figure out how big the shelves could be, based on the limited number and irregular shapes of the pieces of left over oak.

They are unfinished in the photos, but she intends to apply a limed oak finish, when she has more fully recovered from major surgery to correct congenital hip dysplasia.