Shell Gas Station - Live Stream Inspiration

Just thought id share my recent SketchUp build, to which I took inspiration from @TheOnlyAaron last live stream using matched photo. Had a lot of fun with this, especially the pumps.

Let me know what you think, any tips on my renders are also appreciated.


Looks great! A little odd field of view, :thinking:

Can you lower the price of gas?:smiley:

I also thought it looked a little odd, ill play around with it more on my next bunch of renders.

Haha, I got lazy by that point. The gas is free!

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The ground seems to me odd, like flaking dark paint over a white ground. It might be shadows from some invisible trees but still…

I see what you mean Anssi. They are shadows from the trees just out of field of view, but without knowing that I can see how it looks like white paint.