Sheet optimizer

Does sketchup markup have a sheet optimizer to layout your pieces on plywood

SU doesn’t incorporate part nesting capabilties, but you can export w/ SU Pro to DXF/DWG and import into a nesting application as e.g. MyNesting (pay per export of nesting result).

You can also try the free cutlist plugin (search the Trimble Extension Warehouse), which does a fair job with sheet goods provided you don’t care about grain orientation, but not so hot for boards. Or Joe Zeh’s Cutlist Bridge (which exports to the Cutlist Plus fx program that you must purchase separately).

there is a version there that will honour grain direction as well…

John, where is “there”? This could be of interest to me…

I’m not sure if I can post this. I have in the past use maxcut. It does have grain orientation. There is a free edition.

If the web location is not allowed please remove.


on the Extension Warehouse, it’s an evolution Beta, that will be a $Extension eventually…


Mike, is there a way to import directly from SketchUp into maxcut? The online info looks like you have to type everything in by hand…

let me check. I just started using sketchup. If I can’t find the answer I will go on their forum and find out

You can import csv files. I’m going to ask the question about sketchup to maxcut

I can’t remember how to do a cut list, or the list of parts on sketchup

Both the plugins I mentioned earlier will generate a .csv listing all the components in your model, including dimensions and materials. Assuming the arrangement of columns is compatible (or could be rearranged to be), perhaps that could be imported into maxcut…

@slbaumgartner, cutmap was the ‘newish’ one I had a play with the other day…

seems to run on a mac, which is all I was testing…

This is a reply from maxcut.

Hi Mike,

Just to confirm what my colleague has told you. Currently we do not have a plugin for sketchup for export to MaxCut, however the cutlist plugin is freely available for download within sketchup if I understand correctly. This plugin will allow you to export to a CSV file. You will be able to import this file into MaxCut. You may need to configure the columns on the import screen so that they match the ones on your CSV file.

On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 8:12 AM, Alecia Aronson wrote:
Good Day

Yes you can. This is not very simple at the moment and you will need to go through a third application to do this.
This is a video (Portugese) how another client has made this work in the meantime:

This function is on the development plan for the future.

I hope this information is useful.

Kind Regards,

Alecia Aronson

Maxima Softwar

Hi everyone - I have actually written a plugin to do this natively in SketchUp for both sheet and board, to avoid the somewhat difficult to use elements of the Cutlist plugin and without going through any external programs at all. I will be releasing it very soon on the extensions warehouse as soon as my vendor account is approved. Watch this space!

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Please let me know when this is available.

Builder Free is finally available! Link here: Page Not Found | SketchUp Extension Warehouse Currently I only have the free version published which is limited to 50 parts, as I am intending to sell an unrestricted version but my vendor account hasn’t been setup yet. Please download and let me know what you think!

How do we change it from metric to standard measurements?

Believe it or not I am actually adding an automatic unit changer based on user units rights now…

How are you finding the extension? Would really appreciate some feedback!

You now can follow the progress of this extension here: Builder - Brand New Cut List, Layout Optimising and Automatic Costing Extension