Shear a set pyramids

I created a pyramid with base 10’ by 10’ and altitude 50’. There are 100 pyramids with a 1’ spacing between them. I want to drag the vertex of each pyramid so that the vertex is located over the origin at the same 50’ altitude.

Is there any way to do this by editing the coordinates of all the pyramid vertices ? (so I dont have to click and drag EACH vertex)

Before copying, make it a component. Then, all copies (or instances of the definition) receive the same treatment when editing.(you need to open the component for editing)

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You cannot do that. Vertices cannot be selected. They can be moved with the Move tool (when nothing else is selected)

I’m struggling to visualize what you are trying to do. Could you provide a simplified example?

I tried MikeWayzovski’s suggestion and got all the pyramids to shear together

pyramids to shear together

but I actually want all the vertices to go to the SAME location-

So basically like this but with more repetitions? I did this this hard way just to see whether I understand the idea…

Here’s a 100-element array. This only took a couple of minutes, so not really that hard if you plan ahead. Here’s what I did:

  • I drew a 10’x10’x50’ pyramid with one corner at the origin.
  • I array copied it 10 times at a spacing of 11’ out the red axis
  • I drew a 50’ long edge from the origin up blue to provide a target for the next step.
  • I moved the apex point of each pyramid to the top endpoint of the edge
  • I array copied the collection of skewed pyramids 10 times along green at 11’ spacing
  • I moved the (common) apex of each set to the same endpoint as the others above the origin

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With FredoScale


Another possibly valid interpretation of the goal.

If you want to select vertices, you can use Vertex tools as well.

I used mihai.s’s suggestion of fredoScale. The only thing is that box taper did not let me converge all the vertices in the chosen direction in one go. It went 90% of the way and any further then the outline would jump past the desired target location. I just repeated the process to get the vertices superimposed. Thank you all.

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It’ll let you, just type 0 and hit Enter

Teaser for you, done with just native tools. I should add, that after getting the 10x10 pyramids it was only five mouse movements to do the rest.

Here’s the screen recording I did for the related topic.