Sharing individual project portfolios with customers?

We’re looking for a platform to share project portfolios with our respective customers. Those portfolios consist of pictures and videos and should be accessible via individual, private links - bonus points if they are editable in terms of color, style and branding. Yeah, you could just dump that stuff into a dropbox folder, share the link and that’s it but we want to do it the proper way.

Anybody got an idea or a general direction to point me in?

Does Trimble Connect not do this? Haven’t explored it myself but might be worth a look.

You’re describing a website. You can build one using many free templates at sites like Wix, Behance and even Adobe has similar.

Yeah, doing something like this on our own would be doable yet time consuming so I would’ve hoped for there to be some service of that sort. Oh well…

Yes you have to put some time into uploading images and such. That’s what you asked for. I specifically suggested sites with portfolio templates. It’s the least amount of work you can do and still control some branding, short of paying someone.