Shape within a shape (hole)

Hi. Id like to cut a hole within a shape (a sort of mask) Is this possible?

Do you mean a hole through an irregular solid?

It can be done, after a fashion. You have to put a couple of shapes together.

How would you use it? There might be an easier way.

Thanks (so how did you do that?)
I wanted to use it as a mask- eg for a site plan showing terrain with the building showing through the hole to retain some detail.

Masking a SketchUp viewport is simpler: You draw the “hole” shape over the viewport, select both it and the view, and the “use mask”(whatever it was called, not at LO now)is to be found in the right-click context menu

Not sure how Dave has done it but this what I would do…


Basically as @paul.mcalenan showed.

As @Anssi indicated, if that is all coming from a SketchUp viewport you could use a Clipping Mask. Maybe with stacked viewports. I don’t have a site plan I can show but here’s a quick example. Here I’ve put a rectangle with a slightly transparent white rectangle between stacked viewports (each entity is on a different layer in LO) and I used a circle as the clipping mask on the top viewport.

You could also just use a different style for each viewport and forego the transparent scrim in between.

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