Shaky Horizon in Animation

I’m trying to make an animation of a simple object for my computer class. Along other scenes, i should have two bird perspectives from two different points. When I animate it, the horizon line is shaking (swinging up and down). Can someone help me how to fix that. It looks crazy like this and i know my teacher wont be satisfied with it.

Could you up load the file?

Are you using the web or desktop version and what type of computer?

Try putting the two camera locations closer together, or using more scenes to transition. There’s no control of how the camera moves between scenes, so this is a sort of workaround for when the camera seems to swing off in radical directions between scenes.

You need to add more scenes in between the start and end scene.
The “surging” of the horizon is because the camera position is interpolated along a straight line between the start and end scene camera positions. So the added scenes need to be the same distance from the camera target to prevent the camera from surging toward or away from the target.

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More explanation with diagrams in this old topic thread …