Shadows section not showing in web version?

I have just finished the fundamentals for WEB as I have sketch up GO, when opening my display panel I have no section for shadows. After using the search bar I found Shadows but I am only able to switch shadows either on or off. Is there any way to be able to adjust the shadows according to the time of day?
Thanks in advance for any help.

This is what I see in the Shadows panel in SketchUp Go.

Share a screenshot of what you are seeing.

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Here’s my display on my screen. I can only switch shadows on/off via the search bar.

Click this Icon.

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Funny. I thought my screenshot was clear enough to show that the Shadows panel is selected on the right side.

Great, thanks. They missed that in the fundamentals WEB, it was just in the display area.

They didn’t miss it. It wasn’t available when the Fundamentals was done. The Fundamentals tutorial needs to be updated.