Changes for Shadows in SketchUp Web Free

What has happened with settings for shadows in SketchUp Web Free?
The ‘Shadows’ panel seems to be missing entirely. No way to set date and time or even to turn on shadows for existing settings from previous setup.
The ‘Search’ option is the only way to turn shadows on.

When I started SU for Web today, there was a pop-up stating that changes were coming to the toolbar on the right. Then another pop-up said they’ve broken out the Shadow functionality as a separate top-level option on the toolbar. Here’s a pic showing the new Shadows option on the new toolbar:

Thank you for your reply. Never saw any pop-up about that. Only noticed the changes in toolbars on the right. Like with ‘Scenes’ (improved!). … But at the time of asking: no ‘Shadows’ panel.
Forget about it. I just reloaded the online version and now even the ‘Shadows’ panel is back with timezone/time/date/light&dark. Man, what a great free program!

About changes and updating the changelog, this is what I see on Oktober 29:

It’s still stuck on Sept. 7, as you can see.

But all good now. Thanks again.

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