Shadows receive or cast problem

Hi, using Enscape to render but although I did check not to “receive & cast shadows” the object cast shadows in my Enscape render or video.

I cannot find any option in Enscape, like in Vray for example, to avoid the object from casting & receiving shadows.

Do anyone has an idea of how to fix this issue?


The tick boxes for shadows in Entity Info only affect shadows created by SketchUp. Have you tried going through the information here?

Hi Dave,

I have ticket those boxes in the Entity Info in SketchUp Pro. It does not make any difference in the render, object cast & receive shadows.

Do I need to post my issue in Enscape forums?

Those tick boxes only affect shadows cast by SketchUp’s sun not those cast by Enscape lights.

It wouldn’t hurt to ask in the Enscape forums. Presumably everyone there is using Enscape.

I am not using any Encape light but the default Enscape sun brightness.

I am trying to make a video of an Stadium with a rounded cylinder as background…but the cylinder cast shadows :frowning:

I’ll post this issue in Enscape forums, thanks for your rapid help :slight_smile: