General Shading Question

I recently learned that I can toggle an objects ability to cast or receive shadows, and this has been a useful trick for various things. For instance, I can prevent shadows from being cast on images, such as light effects on models.

And basically that is done using the ‘Entity Info’ menu in SketchUp.


(My laptop was about to die in this instance)

And so I was able to do this: The box on the left casts and receives shadows, while the box on the right does not.

So, to get on to my real question, is there any way I can disable the effects of shading on groups, where the ‘use sun for shading’ preset does not affect an entity (edge, face, group, component, etc). It’s probably hard to see, but I put one of my #bestbusever models into a nighttime sort of style, and I want the lights to be unaffected by the sun shading presets.

Is there any way that SketchUp can do this?

Maybe it’s time to think about rendering for this.