Shadowing on Sketchup Shop

I can not set the day and time of shadow in Sketchup Shop. the scroll bars work and the shadow changes accordingly but it does not tell you want date and time you are on. I have tried inputting the figures and pressing enter but it is non responsive. have clients waiting and could really do with your help thank you. :slight_smile:

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So these boxes aren’t updated with the sliders? I can reproduce it here too…


That is correct, they do not update.

Perhaps @colin can find someone from the web team who can confirm if it is a known issue?

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It is a known issue. It was report some time ago. Hopefully it’ll be updated soon.

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Since the fast update possibility was a main argument for the introduction of the web version, it must be so…

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That is exactly what is happening!

does anyone know what the start and end of both sliders represent, I may be able to guesstimate date and time. many thanks guys. really appreciate this.

Same problem here. It use to work, so it is not because it is free version

Yes. Everyone has the same problem. The developers know about it and will get it fixed as soon as they can.

Here are the same sliders in the desktop version. I understand the idea is the same. The upper slider represents the time between sunrise and sunset.

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Time sliders starts at 00:01 AM and end 11:59 PM or from 00:01 to 24:00
When time slider is in middel i.e.12am, and I move the Day slider, the shadows is shortest in middle position so that must be in june. (Nothern Hemisphere). So I gues the slider is from Jan 01 to Dec 31

That would be for a model geolocated north of the Polar Circle in June. The model I had open was not geolocated so the times shown would be for the latitude of Boulder, Colorado.

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Do the slide indication figures work in the paid sketch up ?

In the desktop version, yes. I understand that the numbers to the right in the dialog don’t update in either online version, free or paid. As Cotty’s video shows, otherwise the sliders work OK but the numeric values on the right don’t update.

If you meant the Shop version of SketchUp, no, that doesn’t work either. None of the web versions work.

Thank you Colin is ther an indication of when it will wok again

Not really. The company is closed today, I will try to find out if there is an update tomorrow.