Shadow sliders/text boxes not updating

I’m using Sketchup Web and previously had the shadow models working perfectly. In the last couple of weeks, the sliders to adjust the time and date have stopped updating the associated text boxes so I have no way of knowing what time/date is being modelled. If I enter a value in the text boxes for the date or time I get a popup to submit a crash report. I’ve tried with multiple browsers and multiple operating systems and multiple files and getting the same behavior. I just want to generate shadow models at precise times of the day, maybe there is a work around. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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@Mark, @bradaskins,
Confirming same issues with shadows in SketchUp web free (up to date) used with:
Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 10.37.41

Time and Date boxes do not update with the sliders.
Direct numerical input doesn’t do anything to change the shadows. As if there is no connection at all.

Starting with 12:00 am on 01/01 in a new file after the app has been started new and changing the time for shadows triggers the “Submit Crash Report” which I did, also see:

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Thanks for reporting this one: it’s definitely a bug. We have it on our radar!

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Hi - I’m having exactly the same problem with the shadow time/date sliders.
Will Sketchup be providing a solution/fix for this issue any time soon?

Hi - just following up on this issue. Very disappointed, as there is still no response from a SketchUp Team Member in regards as to how this issue can be resolved. I use the shadowing tool extensively as an important part of my business (well, not lately anyway…) Looks like I’ll need to look at another product until this glitch has been fixed.

Sketchup free is not licensed for commercial use.

Thanks mate - really helpful.

Helpful it wasn’t meant to be. You are complaining about a fault in the free version while publicly admiting that you are using it illegally for your work.

Oh…OK “Box” thanks for letting me know (so helpful).
I’d better stop using it then

Actually, yes, you should stop using it.

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