Shadow transition between night and day


I am trying to see how shadows will gradually be formed early morning on my model. This is important for planning the position of solar panels. The problem is that up until a certain time the modal shows a night vision with no sun and now shadows at all, and then all of a sudden one minute further the sun is completely in. This is different from the transition between day and night that is gradual.
How can I see the gradual transition from night to day?


I can’t reproduce this with SU16, can you create a short screencast?


@coty, I think the OP refers to the lack of ‘moonlight’ and a transition through dawn…

@Gilad, I agree it could be handled better if this is what you mean…

a 24hr scale and building of intensity would be nice…

I believe that the Extension ‘LightUp’ can do that… [but I don’t have it atm]

@AdamB or @colin may enlighten us…



If you are doing daylight analysis and/or solar panel placement, to get useful answer, you want to account for:

  • horizon cutoff at which point sunlight becomes useable (LightUp conforms to BRE 379)
  • historical cloud cover for the location you’re planning (LightUp uses per city data)
  • surrounding sunlight occlusion (LightUp gives Annual/Winter Probably Sunlight Hours)
  • a physical sky model (LightUp uses CIE clear sky)

The SketchUp shadows are correctly located but as you comment, just a simple On/off affair. for more info.



Thanks for the heads up. Will get it fixed.

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