Shadow export problem

Hello. I am in a Big Problem … When i try to export shadow in SketchUp 2020 i did it as it was instructed but when i export that shadow in pdf a weir fram was export i try this deferent computer and deferent sketch up but the results are same … i dont understands what’s the reason… please help me …

Needs more information. Upload the model and an image of the output so people can help you better.

ok …

I assume you mean wireframe.

Who instructed you to export PDFs of the shadows from SketchUp? PDF exports are vector exports so shadows won’t export. If you must export PDFs you can set up a scene in SketchUp showing just the shadows and send to LayOut. From there you can export a PDF. Otherwise, maybe you’d be better off to export a JPG or PNG from SketchUp.

I sometimes want shadows only in an export but it’s always exported as a PNG.