Setting Paint Bucket Colour_ on a mac

I have set a new colour (white with a 17% opacity) for Plexiglas. Now that I want to change parts of the Plexiglas back to opaque colours, the Paint Bucket reacts as if I am holding down the alt key (ie, match a colour). I can change it to every other colour, except white 100%. I have to explode the component, change the colour to white, then redo the component/group … how bleeding tedious!

Do you want to edit the material?
Materials are managed in the materials tray. They never depend on the components hiearchy, so changing transparency of a material is immediately applied to all faces that have this material.

Do you want to swap a face’s backface material to another material?
You can even enter a group/component by double-clicking and leave it by double-clicking into empty space. No need to explode (=destroy) components. By the way, redoing the groups/components creates new groups/components, that have not necessarily all the properties of the previously exploded group/component.

If you have difficulties switching tools (Paint Bucket ←→ Sample Tool), try selecting a different tool inbetween. Also it would be helpful to know your operating system. You are not holding the alt key, but the tool stays in Sampling mode and shows the cursor of the Sample Tool?

I added mac to the title as it is a different beast…

your description is lacking important information…

is ‘Plexiglas’ a component?

were the ‘faces’ painted or the ‘comp’?

are you accessing the ‘color’ from the ‘Colors in Model’ tab?

a screenshot, gif or model would help…


Plexiglas is just the material, not a listed material

Sorry, I dont understand ‘comp’

I have selected the white colour in my pre-set up colour swatches, but wants to go back to transparent. This is something new, as in previous versions of SU i could change a colour of a group/component/item on one item, without having to set up a new colour in materials

Step 1. Notice the white colour swatch selected
Step 2. about to click on the green …
Step 3. As soon as clicked on, changes to white transparent


Step 3 - reverts to transparent

No, not want to edit material. Just take the white, set that one item in a transparent mode, but it seems I have to make a material for this.



thanks for the gif, perfectly understandable, but its not answering my question of why, when I select the white it jumps to a previously set transparency.

Your image shows the “Web Safe Colors” that are pre-loaded in SketchUp. You can create a new color based on these (which is what happens if you alter it in the materials window and then paint something with it - take a look at the “Colors in Model” collection). But I don’t think you can edit them. If you right click on the tile in the materials window you will see that the options to modify the color are greyed out. This was also true in SketchUp 2017. I don’t have earlier versions “live” right now to see whether this was also the case earlier than that.

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