Set layout to metric but keeps on giving imperial dims

Can anybody please explain this. I set my document in Layout to metric, yet LO insists that I use imperial.

You also need to set the dimensions (Dimension Style panel) in the metric system, or it is best to start with a template in the metric system.


As Mihai wrote you need to set units for dimensions in the Dimensions panel. As far as it goes, the Units settings have nothing to do with the Dimension tool. That only relates to things like margin widths and grid spacing.

Thank you all for replying. The interesting part is that this is the first time this has happened where layout opens in Imperial instead of the usual Metric. Is it not perhaps time for Trimble to set SU and LO in Metric :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!

Layout does not open on its own like this, you set it to open an imperial template, probably by ticking the circle next to such template.
Choose one of the templates with metric system, recognize them by name … A4, A3, etc.

Thanks Mihai… I am aware of the template chooser. This time when I used ‘Send to Layout’ it opened with an imperial setting on it own - usually it opens with my usual metric settings. Perhaps a gremlin in the system somewhere…

I am deleting all things imperial to ensure things dont ‘automatically’ revert to that system for whatever reason.

In Layout, go to Edit > Preferences > Startup and choose Prompt for template.