"Server Busy" Windows error when moving between Sketchup and Settings dialog boxes - multiple computers , SKP 2020

Latest Windows 10 version.
Latest GPU version
Mulitple computers - this error few times a day.
Sketchup 2020 20.2.172

new SKP settings (not imported)

what can cause this?

Uncheck [menu] Window > Preferences > General Autosave and Backup.
(Don’t forget to save manually)
Does it improve?

Do you have other (Anti)virus or malware installed?
Turn that of or the Windows. One should be enough, Windows Defender is generally the better one.

Autosave and backup is default. In this case this was the only feature that saved this users work.

AV is also Windows Defender.

any other ideas?

This system is a very powerful RTX 3000, fully patched including BIOS , Windows, BIOS, etc.

And what version of Enscape is running?

I believe it is the asset server on the Enscape side checking. it shouldn’t for all info was downloaded all ready.