Seperating copied components?

I created 4 legs for a vanity using flip along, Now I need to separate the back two so I and modify the front two and back two separately. How do I do that?

Select the back two (or the front two), right click, Make Unique.

If you have flipped along one axis (green?) to get left and right and then flipped along the other axis (red) to get back and front, when you edit any one of them each of the others will be edited as they are all the same component. I think what you now need to do is (right context click) on one of the rear legs and select “make unique” This will now be a unique instance of that component so when you edit it, it will not affect the other legs. I would suggest, deleting the other rear leg and replacing it with a copy of your new “unique leg component” and flip it right to left.

That’s not needed. As Box said, select either the back two or the front two, right click on one of them and choose Make Unique. That will maintain the connection between the two selected ones while breaking the connection to the unselected pair.

@cestout, Will you be adding joinery such as mortises to the legs? If so, the rear mortises on the front legs and the front mortises on the rear legs are likely to be mirror images so don’t use Make Unique until after you’ve cut those mortises. Do those mortises before you make the ones for the back apron and the drawer dividers on the front legs. That’ll save you some work and help you avoid errors.

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