Selections/Bounding Box in LayOut

Hi All,

I’ve seen similar discussions here dating a few years ago and was wondering if anyone has figured out a solution since, or if there is a new option that I don’t know about. The problem I’m referring to is when trying to select an object in LO, the bounding box being what gets selected, and that may be of a nearby object, rather than the one you are directly clicking on. I’ve attached a video here to describe what I mean.

I’m also wondering what the purpose of the bounding box is unless you want to edit the object, but if it’s something as simple as move (which is what you need 90% of the time when selecting an object in LO), you don’t need every gizmo to appear (rotate, stretch, move) all at once and getting in the way. I don’t see the need for the bounding box until you double click into the object.

Is there a selection setting that allows you to turn off the bounding boxes? If not, tips anyone might have that help prevent this from happening (other than tightening your bounding boxes)?
LayOut Selection

Selections can be challenging at times. Basically, Layout will first select what is on top, so if two items are on the same layer with overlapping bounding boxes it chooses which ever item was placed last. Also, if two objects have bounding boxes overlapping it will also select which ever item is on the higher layer first. If two objects are on the same layer and the one on top has a bounding box that completely covers the bounding box of the item underneath, you won’t be able to select it without moving the one on top. Zooming in helps as you show - this is due to items that are grouped, the bounding box actually grows in size as you zoom out.