Selecting objects in x ray view

I often find myself in the situation that I want to select encased objects in x ray view mode to copy/move them within an object.

For example wood pegs.

Unfortunately this often a somewhat cumbersome process since I can’t simply click on the enclosed objects to select them because sketchup will select the outer object.

As a consequence I usually have to hide the exterior object first to be able to click/select the interior object and then I have to unhide the exteriorobject again so that I have a reference where I can move my interior stuff to. If I click wrong everything is unselected and I have to go through the hole process again. So that’s very laborious and inconvenient.

Yes I could select my objects in the outliner but this would require that I carefully name everything to make this more usable and turning on the outliner makes my model often run slow.

Is there a way to “fast and easy” select enclosed objects in x ray view or a better way to do stuff?

You could select with the mouse dragging from left to right. Only objects completely enclosed by the rectangle you draw with the mouse will be selected.


@halodri, … and holding down [Ctrl] enables you to add to your selection. While [Shift] lets you add to / subtract from your selection.

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…right, actually, that totally works. So obvious.! I’am just not in the habit of using the “left to right drag” selection mode. I got to change that.

It’s very useful. FYI, the direction of the drag matters, right to left drag selects everything it touches, even if the entire object is not inside the selection.