Selecting All Components from the Tab



Hello everyone!

I have successfully batch imported some 2000 .dae files into SketchUp with the help of @TIG’s Import all from Folder plugin. I’m having a small problem as the imported geometry goes straight to the Components tab and I have to individually drag and drop every instance into the model area.

  • Does anyone know a possible way to select all the components from the tab and place them in the modeling area? So far I haven’t found any workarounds or plugins.

  • Alternatively, does anyone know of a software that can combine and merge multiple .dae files into one? That way I could use the default importer of SketchUp for 1 .dae file.

Would be very thankful for any support. Cheers! :slight_smile:


I don’t know a plug-in, but it seems to me an issue that without manual placement all your components are likely to arrive in a pile at the origin!


A couple of months ago I posted an alternative version of my batch-importer at SketchUcation.
It imports the DAE [or other] files AND inserts instances of them at the origin.

The original requester has successfully used it, but so far no one else has downloaded and tried it…

So please download, and install the RBZ… and test…
I does what you want, I think…


Thank you very much TIG. I have just downloaded the plugin and will test it.