Select tool and resize looses image

When using the select tool to highlight an imported sketchup plan of a kitchen and reduce its size on the page, I loose the image. It goes white with only the border remaining. Neither stepping backwards to undo or dragging the size back to where it was brings back the image. I have to close the program without saving changes and start again. I’m pulling my limited hair supply out!

Can you provide a before / after screenshot or a sample of what you are seeing?


You probably need to dbl click inside the window. (that blue rectangle). This allows panning and zooming within the window. Then zoom in with the scroll wheel as well as pan around to locate the model within the window. Dbl clicking within the window makes the model work just like as if it was in SketchUp.
If you’re familiar with CAD model space/paper space, this is the same concept.
You might try to do Shift + A (zoom to extents in SketchUp) within the window.