Select Spacebar shortcut repeats Undo/Redo

If I have any tool chosen, for example the rectangle tool, and use that cursor to click either Undo or Redo, then return the cursor to the field (the rectangle symbol re-appears), then hit Spacebar to choose the Select tool, the Select tool is indeed chosen, but also the preceeding Undo or Redo command is repeated, and continues to repeat each time the Spacebar is hit.

Oddly, this does not happen if Select is chosen by hitting the Select arrow icon on the left of the screen. Nor does the above problem occur in Make 2017. For years I have habitually used Spacebar in SketchUp for Web to choose the Select tool, and have no memory of this problem occurring. But now, unless this problem can be corrected, I must stop using Spacebar as Select shortcut, as it might lead to an unintentional Undo or Redo.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

hello, can you check what shortcut(s) is(are) assigned to undo in the preferences ?

windows > preferences > shortcuts - type undo in the filter box

also, have you tried with another keyboard, or plugged an external one if you’re on a laptop ?

The problem happens exactly as I have described whether I use the laptop keyboard spacebar, a remote keyboard spacebar, or the mouse button I have set to active the Select tool in SketchUp.

“windows > preferences > shortcuts” sounds interesting but I do not understand how to get there. Can you give me an idiot’s step by step guide to do this?


I am using SketchUp for Web.

sorry, I didn’t realize your were on sketchup for web, as you mentioned sketchup make 2017. have you tried with a different browser ?

I get the same behaviour with firefox, but not in chrome

We were doing that at the same moment. The problem occurs in Firefox but not in Chrome. I much prefer Firefox for other reasons, but I could switch to Chrome just for Sketchup. Now I am wondering what works in Firefox but fails in Chrome.


same here, trying to find out why firefox acts like this. I know it uses spacebar as a shortcut for pagedown, but it doesn’t seem to be the matter here.

it seems it just repeats last undo or redo function, no matter what tool was used while clicking on the buttons (I changed topic title to that end)

I just noticed ctrl+z shortcut for undo wasn’t working in Firefox either. It does in chrome

Curiouser and curiouser. For me SketchUp on Firefox ctrl-z, ctrl -y, and ctrl-v all work normally. This is moot for me as a two-finger keyboard shortcut is more trouble than a single mouse click.

I also noticed that with SketchUp on Firefox, when using tools, sometimes the little pop-up notes that appear, such as “Endpoint” or “On edge” do not disappear when I release the tool. They linger irritatingly for the next several operations.

I don’t recall any of this happening with SketchUp 2020. I am using 2021 now. Maybe all this is due to “improvements” to 2021.

Actually, when using the web version there is no associated date. You always get the most recent update each time you start the web app.

That said, two of the difficulties of web-based apps are a) they can update the app at any time without notice, including with changes that break what worked before, and b) the code is sensitive to browser differences - not all browsers implement the same features the same way, and the browsers also do updates all the time!

That’s interesting, thanks.

This whole problem is avoided if I don’t use the Undo and Redo icons near the top left of the screen. In SketchUp for Web, are there single key shortcuts for Undo and Redo? (ctrl-z and ctrl-y are too cumbersome). Or can custom single key shortcuts be set for Undo and Redo, either in SketchUp for Web or Windows?


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