Select floor area inside wall perimeter

Select Inside Bounds.skp (26.6 KB)

I have lots of situations where I need to select ONLY the area within the walls of my model. I’d like to be able to create a box/plane that essentially outlines the perimeter of the room, so that I can copy/paste that perimeter into a new model and begin working with the geometry of that room.

The image I’m showing below is very simple, but typically my walls are far more dynamic.

Here’s an example of a room that I’d like to be able to get a perimeter outline of…

ok, I assume the floor and the walls are in separate groups in your screenshot.

you could

  • redraw the perimeter of the room, while inside the floor group. not just the doors and corridors, but the whole perimeter.
  • select your top face (in the floor group), right click on it, and intersect with the model. it’ll draw on the face the contour of all the elements that intersect it. off course, it’ll work if you have the walls visible. if you have more things sitting on the floor, then you’ll get more lines. you might still need to draw lines on the doorways, depending when you’re doing this operation (before or after implementing the doors)

@ateliernab I’m not sure what you mean by the “flood group” can you explain that please?

I’d use Make group from slice with a section plane.

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Did it - nailed it! Wow this just saved me a ton of time! As always you guys are amazing!


it’s a typo :wink:

I mean, select your group, enter it, then select the top face.