'Select Faces by Area' by Sam D Mitch


I downloaded “Select faces by area” plugin by Sdmitch. Firstly I packed .rb file to .rar with WinRar and changed the file extension to .rbz, then tried to install the plugin via Extension Manager but it splashed an installation error. So I put .rb file manually to Plugins folder (it looks that lots of Sam D Mitch plugins require manual installation) and restarted Sketchup, run as admin (SU2017, Win7 64bit). An error occured: “Error loading file SelectFacesByArea.rb”. What can I do?

RBZ files are ZIP files not RAR files.

Pack it in a ZIP file and rename it.

Tried the same with .ZIP instead of .RAR.

The same error loading file…

Looks like the author needs to do a little updating for SU2017+.

Right, with SU8 it works.
Thank you.

For some reason the plugin file was not encoded correctly.

Hopefully this one will work for you, SelectFacesByArea.rbz (1.5 KB)


It does, thank you :smiley:

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