Sefaira downtime announcements

If Sefaira is down for planned or unplanned reasons, we’ll let you know here. To keep the thread easy to check, the lastest maintenance announcement will be shown as the solution as well as on the bottom of the thread.

Sorry for the late notice here but we need to have scheduled downtime today for security maintenance on Sefaira.

The downtime will be:


We hope the down time will be shorter than this and will announce when it’s back online.

awesome -thanks!

Sefaira is back online. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

There is an issue that we know of, that someone solving the problem may find their way to this topic, thinking that Sefaira is down. So, I will tell you about it!

In Windows there is a network security setting, that has a low, medium, high settings. I’m fairly sure it defaults to medium, but if you have it set to high, and opened SketchUp that has the Sefaira extension, this dialog will appear every minute until you close it. If it’s been 20 minutes between you opening SketchUp and you noticing the dialog, there will be 20 of them stacked up.

The same can happen on Mac, though I wasn’t able to set a tough enough security myself to trigger it. But others have reported the problem, and solved it again by reducing the security to a less extreme level.

So, this dialog means your security is too high, and not that Sefaira is down. It is of course something that should be improved! I have told the right people about the issue.

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There is upcoming scheduled downtime for maintenance of Sefaira.

This downtime will be:


Thanks for your understanding and apologies for any inconvenience.

Sefaira will have scheduled downtime for our web application (not plugins) this weekend.

The downtime will be:


We hope the down time will be shorter than this and will announce when it’s back online.