Sectional perspectives

I’m curious, trying to produce a sectional perspective. Can I get it rendered once I cut it in sketchup? I tried importing it into Lumion but it is imported as the whole model. Any advice please?

Depends on the rendering program, I think. I don’t know Lumion, but I know SU Podium doesn’t understand a SketchUp section cut for rendering, but I think V-Ray can. If a renderer doesn’t, you have to use a plugin like Zoro to destructively slice through a copy of your model to make an actually cut away model just for rendering.

Can I share the model. I don’t have Zoro. Do you mind helping me with a sectional perspective?

I don’t have Zoro myself. I also don’t have Lumion. Maybe someone who knows it can help. There’s a chance it could cut it’s own section - I don’t know.

Thanks you

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