Section with material layer text pointers - dots on one line


If I have a section of a roof or floor with foundation, I draw a text line and add in the text box the different layers of the section. To get all the layers ( read material layer ) of the section marked I draw for each layer a new line over the old one with a dot at the point where the material layer of the section begins.
So for a section with 12 material layers I draw 12 points at/over the text box line.

Is there a ruby script or tool or a trick to do that more easier and quickly?

Here a quickly taken screenshot image.

It is about the dots, how to get the easy on one line so I can move the line with out flying the dots around.

You could start with a single line with the End Arrow set to show a dot and use a single text box for all the text. Then use the Split tool to split the line to get dots where you want them.


Split tool is a magic word. Thanks DaveR
But what if I move something?
They still connected?

No. They aren’t connected but there’s no reason you can’t group the entities so they behave as a single unit.