Section Plane Labels?

The Section Plane icon in the toolbar indicates a label with 'C" and '‘A-5’ as the Section identifiers.
I can generate the ‘C’ as a Symbol name when creating a new Section Plane, but where and what does the ‘A-5’ refer to, and how do you edit this value?

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I’m interested in this as well.

This is in the free web version?

Seems like it, but nevertheless, how can we make the section label look like this?

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What if I want it to say,

The OP says they are using the free web version. For a hobbyist such as themselves there isn’t an option for modifying the label. In fact the labels aren’t included as in the Pro version. You can edit the top number in the circle but not the lower one. That’s more of a thing for LayOut.

The tool icon is only that.

In SketchUp for Web

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Well, there it is. Thanks again, Dave!

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Thanks for the explanation Dave.

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Just in case it’s not fully understood: The common industry convention is that the bottom number is the page number in a drawing set where you can find that section drawing. In this example, if you saw that symbol on a floor plan on sheet A-1, you would turn to page A-5 to find the drawing. That’s why as @DaveR says that only becomes a thing once you’re making drawing sets in Layout or whatever.

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Yes, I thought that may have been the explanation. I would have used this in the web version if available, but appreciate it is a Pro feature.