Sketchup Section Plane(s) Label Text Unreadable in LO

Maybe I am missing something, but when I have Sketchup Section Planes visible in a LO viewport (raster), the Section Plane Labeling is unreadable.

Is there any way to have them appear clearer (vector would be great)
I tried increasing the display quality in LO to no improvement.

I have been opening the model in Sketchup to “read” the Section Plane labeling to properly assign Section Keys in LO.


I agree. It would be nice if section plane labels would render as Vector. Currently there’s no option other than setting Display Quality to High which probably doesn’t do much if the labels are tiny.

As a work around in the mean time you could make a copy of the viewport with the labeled sections outside the paper spaceoutside the paper space and enlarge it enough so you can read the labels.

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You could also group 3D text to the section plane on a separate tag, then vector render the 3D text.


This is a good solution and will certainly save me some time.

Thanks Dave

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This is also an option, though I think maybe Dave’s is slightly less involved.

BTW…have your book and read it twice…I am very close now to making full leap to SU & LO only for all of my work.


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Yes, more involved but it looks nice. I personally don’t bring my section planes into LO and use a scrapbook section tag. It gives me much more flexibility with the page layout in more complex projects with oblique angles or larger homes requiring multiple pages to show the whole floor plan.

Thanks for getting the book. It will certainly help you take the plunge!

OK…I guess I misunderstood your original reply.

I am using scrapbook section keys in LO too…but when I am placing the LO Keys I obviously have to reference the SU section plane(s) and depending how I have the section planes isolated in SU they vary in size/legibility.

Current drawing I am working on has a pool house that is small of course, and I have the SU section planes inside the pool house group. So these section planes are 20% the size of main house/garage section planes, making their labeling impossible to read in LO. (@ 1/4” Scale)

Or…are you individually grouping 3D text along with your section plane(s) inside SU? (Maybe this is it)

Anyhow…now that I type this…maybe I need to re-read the chapter of your book…and probably why you have a dedicated SU file for sections.


Hi Charlie, I only use scrapbooks. What you can do to ease alignment is to set your sections on a layer in SU you can easily turn off and on in LO. Then you can place the section tag for layout directly in the exact location, then shut the section tag off in LO or hit “reset”.


Thanks for hanging in there with me on this.

Net-Net I think we are all somewhat on same page with this…would really be nice if the Section Plane labeling in SU were at least vector renderable (if a word?) in LO.

I have attached an image to illustrate my specific situation and reason for starting thread. (for the spectator’s)
Maybe this should be a feature request if not already suggested.

Thanks again!


SU Section Planes:
Large = Main Model
Medium = Garage
Small = Pool House