Section plane - Am I misinterpreting what I am seeing?

I have added a section plane to my model to show the rebar and foundation bolts in the sill. If I look down the length of the glulams, it appears the spacer blocks between the glulam and posts intrude into the glulam rather than being on the outside face. When I added the blocks to the model, I drew a rectangle on the face of the glulam and used push/pull to get the proper thickness. This is first time I used the section tool so I may be misinterpreting the image.

stahlman bridge.skp (6.1 MB)

I see Z-fighting between the faces of the elastomeric pads, the beams, and the bearing shoe. Is that maybe what you are seeing? If you add section fill and set it to something lighter than black, it’s probably easier to understand what you are seeing.

Actually, if you are still using SU2017 Make, you could use TIG’s Section Cut Face instead of turning on Section Fill.

I was actually referring to what can be seen if you look down into the interior of the glulam. On the sides of both glulams, you can see an outline of the blocks attached to the outer face.

I see. No. That’s basically the same thing. I opened the beam component and added the vertical line on its face to give me a point for coordinates with the Text tool. Then opened the spacer block component and added coordinates there. The Y-values are the same which indicates the block is on the surface. I’d put it down to OpenGL artifact. It won’t be so noticeable if you paint the spacer blocks brown.

Thanks Dave.

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