Section Plane Activation NOT reloading

Is it possible that when you reload a component with Section Planes in it, their activation would be remembered in scenes?

In other words, The activation of a section plane is usually saved within a scene, but not if it’s nestled in a component who has been reloaded.

My situation:
I have a big site plan with multiple buildings in it. Each building is a component I edit separately. Each content different section planes. When I reload them in my Site Plan, I need to reactive every plane one by one, and update scene for every scenes. When you have several buildings and scenes, this can quickly drive you nuts.

Could be the status of section planes is tied to the object ID of the component definition, and then when you reload it the ID changes without notifying the scene. We’d need a team member like @tt_su to look into the code to verify.

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If scenes relied on the persistent ID and not internal object ID, this would probably work better.