Section depth

In my opinion a tool to set the the section depth is necessary.

I know there are different techniques, how to use several sections at the same time, if you put inside a component, group; use the fog; and create a geometry that cover the parts that you wat to hide, but in my opinion the workflow is not so user friendly.

To resolve the problem, could be sufficient allowing the use of 2 section planes in the same nesting level.
Why is so complicated to remove this limitation?.


Add to it that fog doesn’t work on vector mode so you’re limited in what you can do with it.

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And fog also changes depending on the orientation view.

What multiple sections could allow is also this:


There is a problem in defining this sort of section plane (or surface): If you define it by a set of three section planes A, B, C (from left to right) it is ambiguous, because plane A should have cut off the protrusion on the front right, and the plane B should have cut off the protrusion on the back left.

What is a section plane? It is an oriented plane which defines a half-space. This half-space’s volume is cut off from the model like a solid operation. That means for actual more complex cutting surfaces, we need to be able to define a “cutting volume”.

This is doable with solid operations (although they are destructive). There is a performance impact because it allows users to create cutting volumes that are more complex than half-spaces. To make it reversible and interactive (again, performance cost!), we need non-destructive operations that can be combined/stacked together like a pipeline that can be modified and the result recomputed.

I have an unreleased extension for that, but not the time to finish it…

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