Section Cuts where there is none (?)

Sometimes when I zoom-in it shows to early a cutout in all the drawn objects. Like there is a constant section cut in my camera. I want to get close for some drawings in mm and then this happens. Had it before, I can recall, but how to get rid of it?

Thanks you for your time.

And another question if I may…

When drawing a long line (or pull) tot the end of an object there is a command that it fills op to the end instead of dragging your pen to the whole end. But also this I can not remember what the command was.

It’s called Clipping. It typically happens when you are modeling with the camera set to Parallel Projection and get the camera too close to the model. Generally modeling in Perspective helps prevent it. You can switch to Perspective and then hit Zoom Extents to move the camera back.

Another common reason for clipping is when the model or at least part of it is at a great distance from the origin. Keeping your model close to the origin helps to prevent clipping (along with some other issues).

If you share your .skp file we can help you identify more specifically what is causing the clipping.

Thanks again. I will check this and will come back with the file if necesarry.
Have a nice day.